A Guide to Ålesund in Winter by Ida Broen. 

To showcase its Autumn/Winter ‘22 collection in a fitting yet local environment, BLÆST has collaborated with the creative consultant and Oslo native, Ida Broen, to visit Ålesund, the home of BLÆST, and try on some of the pieces that have been developed for this season. Designed to combat the weather conditions this time of year, technologies such as PrimaLoft® Gold insulation and Care-Tech fabrics ward off the cold and wet. 

Since BLÆST was conceived in Ålesund, Ida was invited to the city to explore the natural surroundings and what it has to offer young creative individuals such as herself whilst highlighting the functionalities of BLÆST’s Autumn/Winter ‘22 wares. Having grown up immersed in nature and experiencing the outdoors with her family who would regularly bring her on hikes from an early age, Ida’s exposure to the wider world of technical clothing goes way back. To this day, Ida is still very much so in touch with that part of her heritage, highlighting several spots around the city that mirror this. 

Before we establish Ida’s guide to Ålesund, we sat down with her to ask her a couple of questions about our Autumn/Winter ‘22 collection, her relationship with nature and the uniqueness of her home country.


I would say that growing up in the north made me who I am today. I grew up with a family who loved being outside and always took me exploring nature and the outdoors which made me appreciate what it gives me physically and mentally. It has become a large part of my personality. I feel free and reconnected whenever I'm outside whether it's hiking, skiing or climbing. It all makes me whole in my heart and mind. It took some time to get back to it after my dad passed away when I was in high school. He was my best friend, a safe space and our Alfa in our family and the one who always took us on trips. After a while, I was ready to go back and I felt I found a missing piece. I feel closer to him as well which is an even bigger incentive for doing collaborations like this. I love the quote from Bjork, "I Just Go for a Walk for an Hour and Come Back and See How I Feel" because that's really been a therapy for me in so many ways.


I could have chosen them all, but I feel the styles I picked for this campaign really were me. I always look for comfy, flexible, technical pieces I can use in all weather and different compositions. I love that there is something for us all in the new collection: different shapes, colours and technologies.Following her ventures around the city, we caught up with Ida for a synopsis of the past few days to see what she saw, ate, drank and partook in.

  • Alnes fyr

    - a small village outside Ålesund - made me feel at home as it reminds me of the north where I grew up. To reconnect, I walked by the water and just let the breeze take me in. Also, if you’re into surfing, then this is the perfect place for that or to just have a coffee at the cafe.

  • Atlanterhavsparken

    Atlanterhavsparken is a large cold-water aquarium with a lot of local sea life, it's a perfect activity for families or friends.

  • Fjellstua

    Fjellstua is a must-see in Ålesund. Walk the stairs to the top and watch the amazing view of Ålesund and the surroundings. It's a perfect morning walk or evening when the sunsets hits.

  • Drive around

    Drive around to the different villages - Alnes, Godøy, Giske and Haramsøya, to name a few - around Ålesund and watch the beautiful nature.

  • Music stores

    Music is a big part of my life. I always hunt for good record stores when I’m somewhere new. In Ålesund, Jukebox has it all - the selection and the setting make it feel very authentic.

  • Rafting

    Rafting with 62°NORD is a must in Ålesund. Mind-blowing nature, sea life and racing with speedboats make up the whole experience of the city.

Quick-Fire on Things To Do/See:

Things to do: Bath tubs at Hotel Brosundet, Drinks at Arkivet Bar, Svai Sauna, Khäk Kunsthall. 

My favourite restaurants in town: Apotekergata 5, Zuuma, Bryt Tapas, Bro Kysgastronomi. 

My favourite hotel: Hotel 1904, it has the most beautiful interior design along with the food and service. I will be staying there again and again. 

Image Credit: Jonas Kloster.