Ida broen wearing Valder anorak from Blæst

Dare to add a pop of color

Many of us prefer to keep our everyday wardrobe calm and simple, choosing colors such as beige and black over bold statement hues. But what are we missing out on? Here, creative consultant Ida Broen explains why you should play with colors when planning your summer outfits.

Minimalism is here to stay, yet that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to consist solely of clothes in neutral tones. You see, colors are a powerful tool of communication, and they can have a bigger impact on your day than you might think.

“Colorful clothes make me happy and brighten my day,” says Ida Broen.

Ida Broen dressed in Synes coat, Valder anorak and Klipra pant from Blæst

She’s a Norwegian influencer and creative consultant, well-known for her unique style, which she describes as «masculine meets feminine». In her social media content, Ida is often seen combining baggy jeans with statement pieces like colorful sneakers or jackets that pop.

“I love to mix it up, and colors can totally change your mood and mindset.”

Our spring/summer colors

Even though personal experiences impact how a color makes you feel, there is a general understanding of what different colors mean in society. When we selected the seasonal colors for our spring/summer collection, these really resonated with us.

One of our most eye-catching hues is Pat Red. This is actually a color that has both positive and negative associations with it, depending on the context. In some cases, red means warning or to be alert, while in other scenarios, it can represent power, passion, and courage. Red is, therefore, a perfect color for when you need a confidence boost or want to stand out and make a strong impression on someone. As a bonus, it’s also a color that’s easy to spot in nature, which helps you stay visible when you embark on adventures in the great outdoors.

Ida Broen dressed in Synes jacket and Klipra pant by Blæst

In summer, the sun is a source of warmth and brightness, so we’ve also included Molte Yellow in our palette. This is a color that evokes a positivity energy and joy, so it makes you both happy and inspired. If you wear a yellow item of clothing, chances are it’ll not only brighten your day, but also that of the people around you.

Ida Broen wearing Synes coat and Klipra pant from Blæst

As the ocean is a big source of inspiration to us, we’ve also opted for Dawn Blue as a statement color this season. Blue’s a color often used by banks because it represents security and trustworthiness, but it can also have a calming effect on our mood – just like the sound of waves and waterfalls. Our shade is bold, but just enough to give you those perfect summer vibes.

Ida Broen wearing Valder anorak and Klipra pant by Blæst

These colors might be a lot brighter than most natural hues, but they are still found in nature and work well with shades such as beige, white, green, and black. This means that if you buy a jacket in Pat Red, you can easily pair it with our cargo pants or jeans that you have in your closet.

Ida Broen’s selected spring styles

When Ida was asked what her favorite SS23 styles was, she chose:

  • Synes jacket in Pat Red
  • Synes coat in Molte Yellow
  • Valder anorak in Dawn Blue
  • Klipra pant in Beige

“These items have a great and comfortable fit, and I loved the colors that really pop,” she says.

Ida explains that she chose to opt for colorful jackets and anorak, as they all worked well with the beige Klipra pant.

“If you’re not used to wearing a lot of colors, the easiest thing to start with is a jacket. Still, we often worry more about what others might think of our clothes than they actually do, so just go for it! It’s just a habit, so once you start wearing colors you’ll probably not go back to basics,” she concludes.

Get the look

These are the styles that Ida Broen selected from BLÆSTs SS23 collection.

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